Ciao e benvenuti,
After some years of people requesting to learn more about Italian cooking, from the end of May I will start some cooking classes, is still in it’s early stage so I will keep it simple and relax.
I will cook with you and in the mean time I will explain the importance of timing, organization and cleaning plus some tricks to make your cooking life easier.
First we cook then we enjoy what we made washing it down with some wine or soft drinks if you cannot drink.
I will start with small classes and then we’ll see.
Apron, pen/pencil, hand towel, Tupperware and ….
Please mail your request to me or call at restaurant, we will contact you by mail to confirm your booking.

Mainly in Japanese and English.


2018  MAY 23 ・5月23日(水曜日)
1) Lunch time: Kagurazaka Restaurant 11:00~ (11:30 start) to 14:30
4 dishes (4品)Special

2018  MAY 29 ・5月29日(火曜日)
1) Lunch time: Waseda 11:00~ (11:30 start)
2) Dinner time: Kagurazaka 18:30~ (19:00 start)
3 dishes (3品)

ー  ー

2018  JUNE 12 ・6月12日(火曜日)
1) Lunch time: Waseda 11:00~ (11:30 start)
2) Dinner time: Kagurazaka 18:30~ (19:00 start)
3 dishes (3品)

2018  JUNE 26 ・6月26日(火曜日)
1) Lunch time: Waseda 11:00~ (11:30 start)
2) Dinner time: Kagurazaka 18:30~ (19:00 start)
3 dishes (3品)

Lunch time at Stefano home in Waseda
昼の部 ステファノ宅 ( 早稲田 )
(gather at 11:00, start 11:30  ~ 14:30)

Dinner time
at Ristorante Stefano Kagurazaka
夜の部 レストラン ( 神楽坂 )
(gather at 18:30, start 19:00  ~ 21:30)

[ As soon as everyone arrive we will start ]

Menu ・メニュー

Price  料金

¥6.000/per person, cash once you arrive.
Class will have a maximum of 8 people.

お一人様:¥6,000 当日現金払いでお願いします。

Minimum number
Minimum will be 4 people, if the number will not be reached, I might reschedule the lesson or cancel it.



Lessons will be open for everyone over 20 years old (adult), with any skill and beginners too.  I will provide you with the menu and the paper where to write your notes, you can then take home.

1) arrive and get non alcoholic drink to wait for everyone to gather, put apron on.
2) explanation of dishes, process and timing explanation
3) cooking start, it will takes about 1:30 ~ 2:00 hours.
4) Finalizing, enjoy what we prepared together with wine, exchange opinions and culture, close with a good coffee, about 30~60 minutes.
5) Cleaning up, about 20 minutes.
6) everyone says CIAO !

You can also buy some products* you will use in the lesson if you want to repete what you learnt hear at home for your family, friends or just yourself.
*For some special products (from Italy) I will need between 7~10 days to get them so please let me know in time, otherwise I will ship it/them to your preferred location once they’ll arrive.
※ IMPORTANT: If you plan to take home some of the food we prepared, please be aware of the hazard of food poisoning due to outside temperature or other factors.
We will not take any responsibility once the food exit our premises.


I can also organize special lessons for you and your friends at your location. Inspection required.
Minimum number of participants and fee will be discussed, special fee will apply.

I can also teach “one to one” if you want to deepen your skill for yourself or for a special event you are planning. Location and date can be personalized.

・If cancellation is made more than 10 days before the lesson (AM0:00): NO charge
・If cancellation is made between 5 and 10 days before the lesson (AM0:00): 30% charge
・If cancellation is made less than 5 days before the lesson (AM0:00): 100% charge