From JULY 2017:
Position now available for kitchen staff, chef de partie with experience or beginner with some basic skills also welcome.
Job / Position:
The position is for appetisers, dessert and bread making.
1) basic cooking skill for beginners (use of knifes, hygiene rules, name of products and basic dishes in Italian and Japanese, tidiness).
2) professionally prepared in Italian cooking, for a chef de partie
3) stamina, positive attitude for exceed, ready to share own experience with us.
4) Japanese language skill for foreigners (also basic is fine).


From DECEMBER 2017:
Job / Position:
A position for service as waiter/waitress will become available.
Order taking, cleaning, wine/drinks management, basic social media posting.
1) basic sommelier skills or strong will to learn Italian wines,
2) fluent in Japanese language with some basic english knowledge,
3) smiling service with positive attitude,
4) eager to make profit and happy customers through professional and great service.

Become part of our team means be part of our small family, grow your skills and enchant your character, please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry.

Please call us to discuss your and our requirements.

1) For professional applying from abroad, 10 years of experience in the field is required to apply for a working visa.
2) To apply for a waiter position, japanese language skill also required, for chefs english, Italian or basic Japanese skill will be fine.

We are always looking for talented professionals or people who strongly want to become one.
We expect applicants to have confidence, be open minded and energetic, can work in a team and be or become team leader.
You will be working on a variety of occasions, from regular restaurant service to home party, embassy’s receptions and big events with guest from 10 to 200, challenging and exiting experiences that will grow your skill and passion.
We would also like you to bring your own expertise and experience in our team for the common goal to serve always great food and give great service.

For further information about jobs, careers and recruitment or to apply for a position, please contact us in our Facebook page or call us at (+81)-(0)3-5228-7515 .

***In order to send us your CV, please call us first and we will disclose to you our E-mail address.

Thank you for your attention and looking forward to see you soon.
Owner chef Fastro Stefano and his team.