Up to 24 seats, cozy atmosphere, prompt service and of course excellent Italian dishes. At Stefano you can experience all this and more.

We are confident that you and your guests will have a memorable experience. From the moment you step into the restaurant to the moment you go home, you will just feel good.
Let us know what you want to do and we will make it happen! Our menus change with the seasons to offer you the particular culinary beauty of the moment.
You can choose one of our seasonal menus or we will work with you to create a personalized menu that will meet your expectations precisely. Please call us for any enquiry.

Since we are a relatively small place, we strongly suggest you consider our full booking package. This gives you the time and space to relax and enjoy your guests.
Our plans, both for lunch and dinner, will certainly make you remember your event as one you will be proud of.
For this we offer two formulas:

All dishes in the course will be served individually as a restaurant formal style.

Appetizers, pasta, rice and main courses will be placed in serving trays/dishes in the center of your table, where everyone can serve themselves.
Desserts and hot drinks will be served individually.



Weekday: 【Mon · Wed · Thu】

¥ 71.000 ~ (11: 30-14: 00 L.O. 15: 00 close)
Weekday lunch time, food for up to 20 people (assorted appetisers, pasta, choose one main or 1 drink, dessert and coffee included)

¥ 180.000 ~ (18: 00-22: 00 L.O. 23: 00 close) *
Weekdays dinner time prices includes cover charge, food and fixed drinks for up to 20 people  (all you can drink not included in this price range ).
Over 20 people: 1 person ¥ 3.550 (lunch) ¥ 9.000 (dinner).

Holidays: 【Fri, Sat, Sun, Holidays】

¥ 110.000 ~ (11: 30 ~ 14: 00 L.O. 15: 00 close)
Weekend lunch time, food for up to 20 people (assorted appetisers, pasta, choose one main or 1 drink, dessert and coffee included)

¥ 230.000 ~ (18: 00-22: 00 L.O. 23: 00 close) **
Weekend dinner time prices includes cover charge, food and fixed drinks for up to 20 people  (all you can drink not included in this price range ).
Over 20 people: 1 person ¥ 5.500 (lunch) ¥ 11.000 (dinner).

* Notice: Throughout December all prices will be as bellow:
Lunch time: ¥ 110.000 ~ · dinner time: 230.000 ~



Advance deposit for full booking or big party:
¥ 3,000 per person
Payment of the deposit will be required until one week before the reservation date, payment can be done either by bank transfer or at restaurant (cash or credit card).

– For full booking or large number course reservation.

1) A full payment will be required In case of cancellation on the same day.

2) Cancellation within 3 days
Dinner: Number of people × 4,000 yen (minimum 50.000 yen)
Lunch: Number of people × 2,000 yen (minimum 30,000 yen)

3) If you change the number of people without notice, we will charge you the charge for the entire booked reservation.
In addition, please notify us (by phone) if any change of number of guests or special requests at least 6 hours before coming to the store.

4) For people who only book a table (without deciding courses and drinks)
1) In case of not showing up in time or changing the number of guest without contact, case by case, we will charge each of the missing guests in the order of 8,000 yen per person.


Other information:

* Since all prices are without tax, consumption tax will be charged 8% separately.
* All credit cards are accepted, for payments over 8.000 yen.
* If you need flowers and special cakes, please let us know in advance (at least one day before).
* We only accept booking by telephone or in person.
* In case of answering machine, please leave your name, phone number, desired date and time. We will contact you as soon as possible.

* We do not provide your credit card information to any third party and use your contact information only for restaurant booking and in case we need to contact you before or after your visit only for communications regarding your booking.

For further information please do not hesitate to call us at:



Italian white asparagus pudding with San Daniele raw ham
Green boiled vegetables in basil pesto sauce and homemade smoked salmon
Buffalo mozzarella with rucola and fresh tomato
Dry salted cod mousse Venetian style
Pasta and rice
Homemade fettuccine with scallops, broad beans, rucola and fresh tomato
Green pea classic risotto
Main courses
Oven baked sea bream flavored with herbs
Brest of duck sautéed in balsamic sauce
Assortment of two homemade desserts

Bell pepper marinated with homemade smoked mozzarella cheese
Octopus and celery salad
Sautéed Shrimp on fresh polenta
Cold eggplant parmigiana
Pasta and rice
Cold tagliolini with vegetable sauce and basil
Risotto with rucola and prosecco, Parmesan cheese flavor
Main courses
Steamed white fish with a lemon sabayon
Veal escalope gratin with zucchini, fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese
Assortment of two homemade desserts

Homemade honey-roasted pork with mushrooms and grilled polenta
Dry salted cod mousse with marinated broccoli and homemade dried tomatoes
Radicchio pudding with fried homemade ricotta cheese tortelli, cheese sauce
Fresh Italian mushroom consommé
Pasta and rice
Risotto with porcini mushrooms
Bigoli with roasted duck ragout, Padua style
Main courses
Wrapped cod stewed in tomato and radicchio rosso tardivo sauce
Pork fillet saltimbocca, white wine sauce and mushroom flan
Assortment of two homemade desserts

Homemade smoked salmon with homemade ricotta cheese mousse
Pie with radicchio rosso tardivo and Gorgonzola cheese sauce
Roast beef with apple sautéed with honey and Marsala wine
Rucola salad
Pasta and rice
Risotto with prawns and radicchio rosso tardivo
Rustiche (homemade short pasta) with homemade sausage, leeks and cream sauce
Main curses
Sautéed scallops, potato pie and artichoke cream sauce
Spicy venison stew
Assortment of two homemade desserts


Full size cakes also available under request as extra order or as replacement for your included desserts!




– Beer
– Soft drinks
– Cocktails
– Oolong tea
– White and red wine
– Whisky
*** Full booking is not available from December 23 to December 26.


* All type of credit cards welcome.

* If you need flowers or special cakes, let us know in advance and we will set it up for you!
* Only direct telephone booking accepted, when answering machine is on, please leave your NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER and the DAY and TIME you would like to book your event and we will call you back as soon as possible.