Feel free to ask for changes in case of allergies or special needs!
Only telephone booking are accepted, thank you!

(Tuesday all day & Wednesday lunch we are closed)

April dinner courses

  • Book a table, call 0081-(0)3-5228-7515
    We accept telephone booking and web booking, no Email, FaceBook or other social media booking thank you!
  • All prices are tax included.
  • At dinner time we do not serve tap water, only mineral water (¥950/750cc Bottle)
  • Cover charge is ¥700 per person (one byte appetizer and bread included)
  • Bread ¥300 (first basket included in your table charge)
  • When one order plate is divided in the kitchen we will charge ¥300
  • We do not accept baby car inside the restaurant due to our size.
  • Children are welcome as long as they are keep quiet and behave in a proper way, if the child will become noisy and disturb other customers we will kindly ask you to accompany him/her outside until it calm down in respect for other customers, thank you.